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3 Rules To Follow When Buying CBD Online

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

Rules To Follow When Shopping For CBD Online

Buying CBD online can feel a little like the Wild Wild West sometimes. You’re not sure if you can trust the products, how exactly you’re supposed to take them, or even which product to buy.  And, of course, it’s hard to know if the product you’re buying will even work! 

It can be intimidating trying to find something for your health online. So, today, we’re going to try and ease your mind with some helpful tips when it comes to buying any Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid product on the market today. We’ll talk about which products are best for you, how to find the right strength, and ultimately, how to know if you can even trust these products you’re spending your hard earned money on.

If you're completely new to CBD, we also suggest checking out our Cannabis 101 series where we dive into some of the basic of CBD.

Finding The Perfect CBD Product For You

Companies today are finding a way to put CBD into just about anything you can imagine.  The most popular way of taking CBD is as a tincture, meaning it’s usually some sort of oil based solution that comes in a 30mL bottle, and you put that oil under your tongue and hold it for approximately 30-60 seconds.  Pretty simple right?

Well, you can now take CBD as an edible candy, a pill, you can vape CBD, use it as a cosmetic, or even give it to your pets! So, with all these different options, how do you know which one is right for you?


Well, first let’s start with a quick synopsis on advantages & disadvantages for each type;


Product Type




The most popular way of taking CBD.  You can adjust your strength easily by adjusting how much oil is in your dropper. Some people take more in the morning to get through the day, or more at night as a way to relax after work. 


The taste.  We consistently hear of people whose first experience with CBD is in a tincture, and they couldn’t stand the taste, so they don’t think they can incorporate CBD into their routine.  While tincturing is very popular, for some, it’s a non-starter.


The taste, but in a good way! CBD gummies have taken the world by storm.  With different strengths, textures, and sizes, most people can find the perfect tasty treat for them. 

Effectiveness.  Because you’re eating a piece of candy, your body isn’t absorbing the entirety of the CBD you’ve taken.  On average, we estimate you lose about half of the CBD you've consumed.  So, if you’re taking a 30mg gummy, you can reasonably expect that your body is using about 15mg’s of that. 


This time, no taste! Capsules are extremely popular with our older customers, who may already use pills on an everyday basis, making this an extremely easy addition to their daily routine. 

Effectiveness.  Much like the edible candy, your body is not going to be able to absorb the entirety of the CBD product you’ve taken.  The same approximate 50% rule that applies to edibles also applies to capsules.  


Taste, and fast onset.  For the crowd of customers that already uses a vape, using CBD vapes are a great alternative to the nicotine ones.  With delicious flavoring, you can truly enjoy your CBD experience.  And, vaping has the fastest onset of any form of CBD.  

For starters, there is a lot of people who simply don’t want anything in their lungs but air, and that would eliminate this product from consideration.  Which is okay! We offer the product, and let the consumer make the final decision. 


Niche, and great when used properly.  For those that have some redness, aging, or may just have cracked skin, the cosmetic line of CBD products could be the solution for you.  

Limited use. A lot of CBD products are multi-faceted, in that you can use one product for multiple uses.  With cosmetic CBD products, they typically only cover one specific ailment, rough skin.  


Great for spot specific issues.  Topical CBD differs from cosmetics in that they usually have more milligrams of CBD, and some even contain menthol.  These topical CBD products tend to work best when it’s a smaller problem area, and you’re in need of some short term relief. 


Much like cosmetics, topical CBD can have a limited use.  For example, you wouldn’t rub a topical on your head and feel less stressed.  These products also may not be the best solution if there are multiple pain areas, because you’d be “taking a bath” in this topical to feel better. 

For Your Pets

Giving CBD to your pets can simply be a tool in your toolkit to help your furry friends' lives be a little bit better.  Whether its situational stress, or every day struggles, CBD could just help improve their day-to-day lives a little bit.


When giving CBD to your pets, for some, it can be hard judging results.  It’s not like you can ask your pet “hey, do you think this CBD stuff is working?”  Because of this, experimentation with dosing is key, and monitoring any changes is very important.



How Much CBD Should You Take?

Puzzle piece perfect match with cbd products.


So, now you’ve found the perfect product for your needs.  Now, how on earth do you know how much to take? Or when? How often? There’s so much unknown with each product type that we’re going to break down our suggestions and try to provide some guidance on your CBD journey.  

Rules To Follow For CBD Tinctures

With strengths that vary from 300mg’s to 7,200mg’s, there’s a lot of variance in strength with tinctures.  What’s nice about tincture strength is it’s very easy to adjust how much you’d like to take.  

For example, if you purchase our 1,800mg Cibadol tincture, each full dropper would contain 120mg’s of CBD.  If you go with our 7,200mg Cibadol tincture each full dropper contains 240mg’s of CBD.  

If you’d like to “try” the 7,200mg solution, you can purchase the 1,800mg tincture, and just take two full droppers to get the same strength.  Or, you can purchase the 7,200mg solution, start with only half the dropper, and then you’re at the strength of the 1,800mg.  

Either way you look at it, you can get to different strengths by understanding how much CBD you’re looking to take, how much you’re currently taking, and doing a little math to get to what level you desire.

Rules To Follow With CBD Edibles & Capsules 

With both of these products, experimentation can be a little more difficult than with the tincture method.  This inherit issue is a result of the way you consume these forms of CBD.

For example, our 900mg Cibadol Capsules contain 30mg’s of CBD per capsule.  Typically, people will take 1-2 capsules every day, dependent on need.  The issue with experimenting with these products is there’s no in-between milligram dosage. If you want to take more CBD to see if you need more milligrams to get your desired effect, you can only jump up in increments.

If you start with 30mg’s in one day, but decide you want more, you can only go from 30mg’s, to 60mg's, to 90mg’s, and on up.  Because of this incremental dosing, starting slow & working your way up is the best way to start with any capsule or edible.  

Rules to Follow With CBD Vapes

We find that most people typically find their own routine/strength with vaping CBD pretty quickly.  This form of CBD is great for situational, as-needed relief.  

When taking a tincture, capsule, or edible, most people will take their CBD as part of a daily routine.  But, when vaping, most people find best results when they take a couple of puffs in the moment they need relief.

Because the onset for effect is the fastest when it comes to vaping, it’s very easy to find the right amount for you.  

Rules to Follow with CBD Topicals & Cosmetics

Both of these products are great for spot specific issues, not necessarily systemic issues.  When it comes to cosmetics, we do find a lot of people will use them in a routine.  For example, some will incorporate the 300mg Skin Care Cream into their nightly routine as a way to moisturize their face before bed.

But, with CBD topicals, like the Cibadol 1,800mg Roll-On, we find most people will use these products on an infrequent, as-needed basis.  These Roll-On’s could be the solution for people looking to attack a specific problem area they may have.  

With both of these products, we suggest starting off by applying just a small amount to the area you’re looking to improve, and start adding more if results aren’t met.  This reasoning is based on practicality, in that if you can use a very little amount, and get the results you’re looking for, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved.  

Rules to Follow With CBD For Your Pets

Dogs Also Have Endocannabinoid Systems


Helping pets improve is near and dear to our hearts here at Certified Hemp Hub.  Our founder’s dog, Lady, has been taking CBD for over 2 years now.  She has seen improvement in her joint pain, arthritis, and just has more energy when she’s on CBD.

There are a few ways to give CBD to your pet, either in a tincture or capsule.  The capsules can be put into any “Doggy Pill Pocket” that you can find at your local grocery store.  Ease of use and consistent dosing are typical reasons why some pet owners prefer the capsules over the tincture.  

For CBD tinctures with your furry friend, we offer a Small Pet, Medium Pet, and Large Pet tincture option.  These sizes are good starters, but there’s plenty of small cats that may need the large pet strength, or a big dog that can get away with using the Small Pet tincture.  The strength will depend on how severe the condition is, and whether it’s an everyday issue, or infrequent.  

CBD tinctures for your pet are best done when you can put the dropper directly into their mouth, so you control exactly how much CBD your pet gets.  But, pets can be picky, so that’s not always an option.  In the past, we’ve seen a few different options for some pet owners to get past this hurdle.  Some will add the tincture to their food, put it on a piece of bread covered in peanut butter, or you could even try putting the tincture on your hand and letting the pet lick the oil off your hand.  

No matter what method you have to use, the key with giving CBD to your pet is monitoring their condition closely, and adjusting dosing dependent on your desired needs.  Some owners only give CBD to their pet during a stressful time like The Fourth of July, others give their pet the treat of CBD daily.  Finding what works best for your pet could take some time, but we strongly believe all pets should at least try CBD! 

How To Know If You’re Buying Reliable CBD

Van with free candy written on it.


This issue is an unfortunate one that we all face in the Hemp/CBD world right now.  There’s too many bad actors in the industry that make false claims, have misleading labels, harmful contaminants, or in some cases, contain no CBD at all in their products! 

These issues can make consumer confidence in buying Hemp-Derived CBD products a problem.  So, we’ve come up with a checklist of items for every person considering buying any CBD product, whether in person or online.

 CBD Lab Reports/COA's

    • This has become an industry standard for any reputable CBD company.  These lab reports should be visible on any website, and made available for every product offered.
    • There are some companies that will falsify the lab reports however, so you'll want to check for things like date tested, a signature of someone who was responsible for overseeing the testing, and even doing a quick Google search for the lab in question to ensure they're a reputable source.
    • When looking over these COA's you should be able to see the product in question has been tested for harmful contaminants, insecticides, pesticides, and see the THC content.  Ensuring all CBD products have less than .3% THC is critical in making sure the product you're buying has been deemed legal.

Look for QR Codes
  • A lot of states are now requiring that any & all CBD products sold in their state must have a QR code on it.  These QR codes should link you directly to the companies lab reports so you can inspect the product in question for yourself.
  • Some companies simply put QR code stickers on their products, which can be a little bit of a red flag.  Most reputable CBD companies today now add a QR code directly on every label they make for every product

U.S. Hemp Authority™ Product Only!

      • The best way to ensure the Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid product you're purchasing is reliable is to stick within the U.S. Hemp Authority umbrella of companies.  We've covered this topic in the past, but it's so important to mention how valuable this Seal of Approval is.   
      • The U.S. Hemp Authority Seal of Approval tells every consumer that an outside organization has taken the time to do an extensive, third-party audit of the that companies seed-to-shelf process.  This audit consists of checking lab reports, doing field analysis for harmful contaminants, checking that no false or misleading claims have been on the label, and much much more. 
      • The most stringent regulator in the Hemp/CBD industry today is the U.S. Hemp Authority™.  You no longer have to second guess whether the product you're taking is safe, reliable, or reputable thanks to the hard work from the people within that organization.

      Good Luck On Your CBD Journey!

      Its a long road to find the right CBD product for you.

      The first thing we’d like to leave you with today is that experimentation is key.  CBD isn’t an exact science, and every single person who tries CBD can be affected differently.  A person who may have an occasional stress issue is going to need a much different product than someone who experiences everyday pain.  

      For some, lower milligrams infrequently may be perfect, and others need the highest possible strength done multiple times a day.  We suggest taking half of the suggested serving size twice a day to start out, and then adjusting after 5-7 days until desired needs are met. 

      Secondly, the information we covered today was just a “10,000 foot overview” of the CBD landscape today. This is by no means a definitive guide regarding everything in the CBD world today.  The variety of CBD products continues to grow, from toothpicks & toothpaste to bath bombs and pet shampoo.  The list will continue to grow, allowing for more and more specific needs to be met. 

      Now, if you’re still not sure about what products best suit your needs, we’d suggest reaching out to take advantage of our CBD Consultation Program.  You can read more about it here, or just reach out to us at certifiedhemphub@gmail.com to schedule your appointment today!

      We hope we’ve been of some assistance today and we wish you the best of luck on your CBD journey! 


      The content on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. While research has shown that CBD has the potential to help provide beneficial outcomes for several complaints, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider when you have questions regarding any medical condition and when starting, augmenting or discontinuing any existing health routine. 

      FDA Disclaimer: Any statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No products produced, manufactured, marketed, or distributed are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before beginning any supplements or botanical extracts. If pregnant or breast feeding, consult with your physician before use. For use by adults 18+. Keep out of reach of children.


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