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CBD Didn't Help You Sleep - Is There Anything Else To Try?

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

What Should You Try If CBD Didn’t Help You Sleep?

Woman trying to fall asleep face down on white blanket.

So you’ve decided to try CBD to help you sleep.  You may have heard from a friend, family member, or internet article that CBD is the next big thing in the sleep industry.

You probably would have bought a CBD tincture, gummy, or capsule in these attempts to find a better way to sleep.  As you get ready for bed, you pop some CBD into your system, expecting to be asleep in no time.

But, 1 hour later, and you’re in the same position you’ve been in for years. 

Unable to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get a deep restful sleep.  You were so hopeful that CBD would be your answer to your sleep problems, but it just didn’t work.

This story, or a close version of it, is far too common in the CBD industry today.  

Fortunately, if CBD alone hasn’t been your solution to your sleep issues, there is still hope to find your perfect match.  

Today we’re going to walk you through other options you can try to get that good night sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

How Is CBD Supposed To Help Me Sleep?

Dreams spelled out in the sky with clouds.

The internet article, friend, or family member that may have sworn by CBD as a natural sleep aid most likely wasn’t lying to you.  CBD has been known to help people with a variety of issues, including sleep problems. 

The success stories we’ve heard in regards to CBD helping someone sleep tend to hover around 3 key points.

First up, CBD can provide a more stable emotional level throughout the day.  For users who consume CBD morning & night as part of a daily routine report a better mood throughout each day.  While CBD certainly won’t stop struggles from coming into your day, it can help manage them.  Because CBD can help you feel better throughout the day, it can make falling asleep at night a little easier. 


Secondly, CBD has been known to provide a sense of relaxation shortly after consuming it.  Therefore, if you take a CBD capsule 30 minutes before bed, you could feel more relaxed when lying down, and then you’re asleep before you know it.

Finally, CBD could bring your body into a state of Homeostasis.  This means your body is firing on all cylinders, which could help when trying to stay asleep.  When our bodies become deficient in specific Cannabinoids, it can make a variety of issues much more difficult to manage.  

Each of those stories represent CBD being a successful sleep aid.  But, you’re reading this article because you’ve had the misfortune of CBD not working properly.  So, let’s take a deeper dive into some other options for you.  

CBN Is Much Better Than CBD For Sleep Issues

Tru organics CBN tincture for sleep.

Recently, CBN has taken over the Hemp world as the next big thing in sleep aids.  CBN, a degraded form of THC, is a minor Cannabinoid that we’re finding has much more specific uses than CBD does.

As we’ve covered before, CBD is an overarching Cannabinoid that can help a lot of people with a wide range of issues.  But, it’s not for everyone.

So, CBN has recently emerged as the go-to product for anyone facing problems with sleep.  Because CBN is a degraded byproduct of THC, it’s thought to be more effective for your night-time routine.

CBN, when used properly, is more effective than CBD for sleep because of the way our bodies react to this Cannabinoid. CBN is believed to primarily bind with the CB2 receptors while acting as an antagonist to the TRPV2 receptors.  

The reported effects of CBN include producing a deep sense of relaxation, support for falling asleep faster, and staying asleep longer.

As the research into different Cannabinoid products continues, we’ll be able to better customize each individual customer's needs to a specific product.

For the time being, CBN is the most effective Cannabinoid product out there for fixing a single issue - which is sleep.

CBD + Melatonin?


Cibadol sleep tablet with CBD and melatonin.


Melatonin is another natural sleep aid, but this product isn’t new to the American Lexicon like CBD is.  Melatonin can be found in tinctures, pills, gummies, and more.

The majority of our customers who suffer from sleep issues have most likely tried Melatonin.

While some may have success early on with Melatonin, the issue with this natural supplement is what happens after continual use.

Our bodies naturally produce Melatonin, and when we begin introducing Melatonin into our bodies system, we will no longer produce this naturally occurring compound.  Our bodies begin to expect Melatonin to be introduced externally, thus reducing it’s own capabilities of producing this sleep agent.

As our natural production of Melatonin decreases, this requires more & more Melatonin to be introduced externally - meaning you’ll be consuming ridiculous amounts in no time.

So, we recommend only using Melatonin sporadically, and not as an every night solution.  

Our CBD + Melatonin Sleep Tablets can be extremely effective - when used properly. 

Proper Bedtime Routine

Proper bedtime routine to ensure a good night of sleep.

While many of us have hectic lives - establishing a proper bedtime routine could be the singular difference between a good & bad night of sleep.

The example we’re going to walk through is how to properly use a CBN Tincture in conjunction with establishing a good sleep routine.

We suggest taking the CBN tincture as one of the last things you do before you lay down.  So, before you even take a sleep aid, there should be some work done up front to ensure the best results.

Before you get ready for bed, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done some type of exercise that day.  Our personal favorite is about 20 minutes of stretching/Yoga right before your bedtime routine starts.  By stretching beforehand, you’ll begin a relaxation process that let’s your body know it’s time to wind down from the stressful day.

If you can’t stretch before bed, you can try an actual workout sometime during the day.  For some, working out in the morning is the only option - but can still be critical to ensuring that proper night of sleep.  Others will do a quick jog around the block after they get home from work. Either way, working up a sweat can help tire your body for the nighttime routine.

Lastly, mediation. Mediation is a necessity for ensuring proper mental health in general.  But, especially when it comes to sleeping.  Finding your calm, centered self as you lay down could be enough of a sleep “aid” that you wouldn't need to introduce anything else into your system.

An ideal situation would be you’ve worked out in the morning before work - ensuring you’ve put your body through some physical activity. 30 minutes before bed, you begin a stretching routine to slowly wind down from the day, and relieve some tension in your body.  Then, after you’ve done the normal bedtime routine, as you’re laying down you put a full dropper of our CBN Tincture under your tongue, holding for 30-60 seconds.  

After 15-20 minutes of calm meditation while laying in bed, you feel the CBN kick in, and you’re off to dream land in no time.  

Now - this is a perfect situation to pretty much guarantee a good night of sleep.  But, this isn’t possible for everyone.  

So, for reality’s sake, we suggest incorporating one or two of these new routines into your daily life and see if after a few weeks you’re not having more success when it comes to finding that good night of sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

So How Do I Sleep Better If CBD Didn't Work?

When you don't get a good night of sleep, your entire day can just be awful.  Even worse, if it's a continual issue the terrible feeling can just compound with no seemingly no end.

So, while we covered a lot of topics today, the end-goal is to get you back to falling asleep easier, staying asleep longer, and feeling more refreshed than you did the previous day.

All of our recommendations have worked on some level for each of our customers, and you'll likely need to experiment with a combination of these to get some results.

Our personal favorite sleep aid is the CBN tincture in combination with stretching before bed, but you'll find your own routine that works best for you.

It's important to remember, if you're not sleeping right, there is likely a solution for your issues.  You've just got to be willing to put in the work to get the reward.

While we strongly believe in the products we offer, they are simply Tools in your Toolkit to help you get through your life.  These are not one-stop fix all your issues products, and keeping that fact in mind when consuming these products can help them be more effective.

Either way, we hope we've been of some help today as you try to accomplish getting over the dreaded bedtime struggles that far too many Americans face. 


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