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Is CBN Better Than CBD For Sleep Support?

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

CBN - The Best Cannabinoid For Sleep

CBN could become the most popular essential oil derived from hemp.

We’ve been in the Hemp business for almost 3 years now, and the discovery of CBN has truly been a game changer for us.

CBD, the most popular legal Cannabinoid, took the U.S. market by storm in 2018.  Millions fled to their local farmers market, grocery store, or online marketplace to order a bottle and see what this new Hemp product could do.  

Of those millions who tried CBD, for some, it just wasn’t the solution for what they needed.  There could be a million reasons why a particular product may not have worked for someone, but, if the product didn’t work, you’re bound to become a skeptic of the industry as a whole.

But, if CBD didn’t work for you, we’ve got good news. CBN, or CBG, could better suit your needs. 

CBD is a very broad Cannabinoid solution that could affect each individual differently.  But, CBN & CBG are much more specific Cannabinoids, in that they are designed to focus more narrowly on the benefits provided.

CBG, which we’ve covered before, is thought to be more energy & focus driven.  

CBN on the other hand, is thought to be a much better sleep aid than CBD. 

Today, we’re going to expand on what CBN is, how it could support a more healthy sleep cycle than CBD, & discuss the minor Cannabinoid market in general.  

The Science Behind How CBN Is Formed

Microscope looking down studying a chemical.

CBN (or Cannabinol) is produced when the Hemp plant ages.  Enzymes, ultraviolet light, and heat produce changes at various stages of the plant’s life to transform CBGA (the precursor to all Cannabinoids) ultimately into CBN.

As the Hemp plant matures, enzymes transform the CBGA into CBG (Cannabigerol), CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid), THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid), and CBCA (Cannabichromenic Acid). 

THCA, once exposed to heat, becomes THC.  Once exposed to ultraviolet light, THCA transforms into CBNA (Cannabinolic Acid).  This CBNA, when exposed to heat, decarboxylates into CBN (Cannabinol).

Didn’t expect that much scientific explanation when talking about a Cannabis product, did you? 

While we don’t have a lot of scientific research to tell us exactly what these Cannabinoids could do to someone who takes it, we do have research in how these things are formed.  

This research allows us to better explain exactly what someone is putting into their body, and hopefully give you more education when making a purchasing decision.


CBD or CBN for Sleep?

Two boxers fighting with CBD and CBN logos on their faces.

One of the MOST popular reasons for someone to try CBD is to help support a better sleep/wake cycle.  CBD, because of the possible relaxation effects, can provide some individuals with an easier time falling asleep.

But, as we covered earlier, CBD hasn’t always been great for helping someone with sleep issues.  

Because of this, many are now turning to CBN as their go-to sleep aid.  CBN could be a better sleep aid than CBD because it’s thought to be a more “sedative” Cannabinoid.

This feeling could be described as a deep sense of relaxation, a feeling of comfort, or a total body “numbness”.

These reported feelings have all been associated with support for falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

This sense of deep sleep, relaxation, or even a slight intoxication can vary person-to-person, and experimentation will be key to achieve the best results.  

Can CBN Get You High? 

Person who appears high with cannabis leaf on their head.

The short answer to can CBD get you “high” is simply, no.  CBN should not provide any sense of a “high” to those who try it.  

However, as with anything Hemp/Cannabis related, each product affects everyone differently.  

When we described how CBN was formed earlier, you can see that CBN is a degraded version of THC.  THC is the Cannabinoid in Marijuana that provides a high, and what is federally illegal at this moment.

CBN still does not contain more than .3% THC, which means CBN is still a federally legal product.  But, because one of the precursors to this Cannabinoid is THC, there is a slight possibility for a low-level feeling of intoxication.  

In our experience, at most, you could feel about 1/10th of the feeling that Marijuana could provide someone.  So, if you’re looking to take CBN to get high, we’re sorry to inform you it will most likely not happen.

But, because of this small possibility, we always suggest starting off with very small amounts, and slowly increasing depending on your specific needs.

Where Is The Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Market Headed?

Man walking down a railroad track.

CBD is by far the most popular Cannabinoid in the legal U.S. Cannabis market right now, with THC the most popular “illegal” Cannabinoid.  These are the two products most people in the U.S. are familiar with.

When CBN & CBG products first hit the Hemp market, there was cause for excitement from every stakeholder in the industry.

These new Cannabinoids allowed for more specific recommendations to better suit individual needs.  As you’re probably aware, we cannot make specific claims or guarantees on what these products will do for someone.  But, because they are different compounds, they could produce different results for each individual person.

CBN has become known to provide more sleep support than CBD, because of the “sedative” effects we covered earlier.  

This same philosophy can also be applied to CBG.  CBG is thought to produce a more uplifting, energetic feeling than CBD.  Because CBG could produce more energy for a specific person, this could produce a better result for someone looking for a midday pick-me-up, or someone trying to kick the habit of coffee.

While we don’t have a crystal ball on what this industry will hold, it’s clear to many within the Hemp industry that mixing & matching different Cannabinoids will be the future of the Hemp extract market.  

Because everyone is affected differently by Cannabis, having a wider variety of options brings more opportunity for everyone to find the best plant-based health option for themselves.  

CBN, for the time being, is thought to be one of the best legal sleep aids on the market today. But, 2 years ago we barely knew anything about this Minor Cannabinoid.  

So, in 2 years time, we may be back with another edition talking about a better Cannabinoid for sleep, energy, or something else we can’t predict.  For the time being, if you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep, CBN is certainly worth a try!

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