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The Most Important Person For Cannabis Progression

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

Charlotte Figi - The Most Important Name In Cannabis Progression

Charlotte Figi standing next to Hemp Crops to promote using CBD.


Charlotte Figi should be considered the most important figure in the history of Cannabis. That’s right, when Charlotte was only 5 years old, she surpassed the likes of Jack Herer, Willie Nelson, and even Tommy Chong as the most important name in Cannabis.


The world unfortunately lost this precious soul in April of 2020, but today, we tell her story, and why we believe she's made more progression on the issue of Cannabis progression than anyone else has in this country.  


Charlotte was born with a rare disease known as Dravet Syndrome, which caused her to have 300 seizures a week.  300 seizures a week equates to about 2 every hour, for a 5 year old.  Really makes your stomach churn knowing an innocent child faced such tough conditions.


But, after trying every solution offered by her doctors with no success, Charlotte’s parents decided to try Cannabis as an alternative to her condition.  Her mom went to a local dispensary in Colorado, and purchased the lowest THC, highest CBD Marijuana strain she could find.


Then, she was extracting the oil from the plant with a “make-shift” operation she set up in her kitchen.  When confident the solution wouldn’t get her daughter high, she slowly started administering the oil to Charlotte by putting measured doses under her tongue.  After a few hours, Charlotte wasn’t having any seizures, and her mom was awestruck at the results she was seeing from this plant.  


Charlotte began using this high CBD low THC strain of Cannabis regularly, which resulted in her seizures going from 300 a week to only 1.  No longer in a constant state of convulsion, Charlotte was able to learn how to walk, started talking with people, and her parents were finally meeting the real Charlotte after all these years of watching her suffer.


If you’re looking for a nice, healthy cry, we suggest checking out the video story here.  

CNN’s “Weed” Series

Charlotte Figi next to Dr. Sanjay Gupta talking about Hemp-Derived CBD products to benefit seizures and epilepsy.

The only reason we know Charlotte’s amazing story is because of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “Weed” series that was done on CNN in the year 2013.  As he’s stated in the past, Dr. Gupta was a skeptic of Marijuana.  He felt Marijuana was marked as a Schedule 1 drug for a reason, and je trusted the public consensus that Marijuana was simply used to get people high.

But, as he started to dive deeper into the “weeds” on this issue, he began hearing first person accounts of all the benefits this plant was providing to people.  He began reading smaller medical studies done in countries outside of the U.S., and saw some medical evidence behind these personal claims.

Then, came Charlotte Figi.  His Weeds docuseries covered a variety of topics around Marijuana, but the most memorable part has to be the Charlotte Figi story.  As we’ve already discussed, her battle with Dravet Syndrome led her parents to trying a high CBD low THC strain of Marijuana, which led to tremendous success for Charlotte’s condition.

With medical evidence & first-hand accounts on the benefits, the world’s attitude towards Marijuana was quickly changed thanks to CNN’s Weed series.  The video of Charlotte convulsing, then being given CBD, and almost immediately the convulsing stops, is such a powerful image.  

To see a little girl in pain, then immediately not be, can change even the most conservative people’s attitude on this issue.  

And, that’s exactly what happened.  

Charlotte's Impact on Cannabis

Charlotte Figi with Charlotte's Web CBD tincture used for seizures and epilepsy.

The Charlotte’s Web strain of Marijuana was quickly patented by the Stanley Brothers, who quickly formed their company, Charlotte’s Web.  Charlotte’s Web is probably the most recognizable brand in the CBD world today, and a lot of that success can be attributed to the CNN story on Charlotte.

One thing that struck me about this story is there is no mention of the word “Hemp” anywhere in the Charlotte Figi story.  Throughout the video story on Charlotte, there is only mention of Marijuana, and that Charlotte was experimenting & benefiting from Marijuana.  

They mention this Marijuana strain isn’t getting Charlotte high, but, no mention that strain of cannabis could be considered Hemp instead of Marijuana.

I believe the “rebranding” of low THC Marijuana as Hemp has helped skeptics and people new to the industry understand the difference between people looking to use Cannabis as a benefit to their health, and not just for a short-term high.

This country has never been that friendly towards Cannabis, but, thanks to CNN covering the amazing story of Charlotte Figi, the entire country has changed their attitude on this plant over the course of a few short years.  

There’s no doubt in my mind, that this billion dollar industry known as CBD wouldn’t be where it is today without the incredible fight Charlotte made throughout her life, and the risk her parents were willing to take when they were at their wits end with traditional medicine.  

Anyone who has ever purchased, tried, or benefited from any Hemp-Derived product has a little girl from Colorado to thank for that.


Memorial for Charlotte Figi who progress CBD, Hemp, Cannabis, Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids with her fight with epilepsy

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