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Cibadol - The Most Affordable Trustworthy CBD Brand

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

How Cibadol Is Able To Be One Of The Cheapest CBD Brands 

Dollar bill crumpled up.

Cibadol has set out to lower the barrier of entry to anyone wanting to try Hemp-Derived CBD products.  With their vertical integration, they’ve been able to offer some of the most competitively priced CBD, CBG, or CBN products on the market.

Recently, Cibadol just announced a new line of Broad Spectrum products that include a Sleep Tincture, Flavored CBD Tinctures, CBD Capsules, and more.

With this new line of products, they’ve stayed true to their mission of providing CBD to everyone they can. 

We did a full CBD Brand Breakdown on Cibadol a few months back, which you can find here.

For today’s topic, we’re going to look at how Cibadol is able to offer CBD at such an affordable price, what to look for in reliable CBD products, and highlight some of our favorite new products from Cibadol.

Let’s dive in!

How Cibadol Is Able To Offer CBD At Such A Cheap Price

Cibadol offers some of the most competitive prices for CBD products we’ve seen out there.  Not only are they competitively priced, they’re also extremely effective & reliable. 


Cibadol owns their own Hemp farms in Colorado.  By overseeing their products from seed-to-shelf, they can keep costs down by cutting out the middleman.

With their vertical integration, Cibadol has been able to drive down the price of their products to keep in line with their mission to make CBD available to everyone.

A product we’d like to highlight that shows the drastic difference in price between two very similar products is the 900MG Cibadol CBD Capsules

Cibadol offers 900MG CBD Capsules, with 30MG’s of CBD in each pill, for only $24.99. In contrast, we've seen products that contain the same total strength as these CBD Capsules that retail for $109.99!  This means for virtually the same product, some consumers pay up to $85 more than what they need to! 

American Shaman CBD capsules that are overpriced.


When CBD was first introduced to the U.S. market, it was a rare, somewhat unknown commodity.  This scarcity allowed new CBD companies to charge a variety of prices, mostly dependent on “what can we get for this?”.

Well, fast forward a few years, throw in the COVID-19 Pandemic which drove Hemp prices down dramatically, and now CBD prices have started to fall.

But, even with the prices of CBD falling, there aren’t a lot of U.S. Hemp Authority Certified companies that can compete on price with Cibadol.

Affordable, reliable, and effective CBD. That’s what Cibadol offers with every single one of their products.

Cibadol Offers Cheap CBD Products, But How Do I Know They’re Still Legit?

Business woman holding a sign that ready quality control.

Some of the prices that Cibadol offers can lead some to thinking “is this too good to be true?”

As we’ve covered before, Amazon offers products on their website which are marketed as CBD, but are clearly not CBD.  These products have extremely high Milligram concentrations, but those Milligrams are not CBD.

These Hemp Seed products often masquerade as CBD, though Hemp Seed & CBD do not produce the same effect to our bodies.  

So our first checklist on making sure a CBD product you’re considering putting your hard earned money towards is to make sure the products are actually CBD.  Not Hemp Seed.

Secondly, check the COAs! You can find our full list of lab reports here.  But, any CBD company that is in this business for the long haul will have them.  It’s an industry standard that every consumer should be aware of.

Lastly, we’re always going to point to the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification.  Because CBD has still yet to be regulated by the Federal Government, there are a lot of bad actors in the industry ruining it for the rest of us.

Because of this lack of consumer confidence in Hemp products, the U.S. Hemp Authority was born.  This self-governing regulatory body helps bring more consumer confidence to Hemp & CBD.

Partnering with FoodChainID, the U.S. Hemp Authority has aligned itself with an industry leader in testing for dietary supplements.  

These full day, annual audits review the entire soil-to-oil process for all of their certified products. This audit checks what type of environment their Hemp is grown in, ensuring there are no insecticides, pesticides, or any other harmful substances near the Hemp being used to produce your CBD products.

Then, they check their extraction & bottling processes to ensure no harmful chemicals have been used in the process of turning Hemp into a consumable product.

The last big requirement for all U.S. Hemp Authority certified products are in regards to their truthful labeling requirements.  These regulations mean all of their certified products contain the amount of CBD listed on the label in the actual bottle.

This labeling requirement is one of the most important aspects to their certification.  There is a rampant issue with false or misleading packaging in our industry unfortunately.  The U.S. Hemp Authority is changing that with the high standards & best practices that they hold all of their companies to.

New Cibadol Products To Highlight 

The inspiration for this topic was born from their newly announced line of Broad Spectrum CBD products.  These products have increased the variety of products they offer, while not losing the competitive prices Cibadol has become known for.

The product that stood out to us most was the CBD, CBN, + Melatonin Sleep Tincture

Cibadol cbd cbn melatonin combination sleep tincture.

This CBD Sleep Tincture combines ingredients that we believe help us relax, fall asleep more quickly, and stay asleep longer.  By adding these 3 powerful ingredients together, this new Cibadol Sleep Tincture is could be a winner for the millions of Americans struggling with sleep issues.

This product is priced aggressively at $49.99, especially when considering we’ve seen some tinctures that only contain CBN retail for over $100! 

The second new product from Cibadol we’d like to highlight are the Water Soluble Fizzy CBD Tablets.  These CBD Tablets are a fun, delicious way to consume CBD.

Because this product is Water Soluble, it increases the bioavailability of our body to absorb CBD.  When we increase bioavailability of a product, we increase the effectiveness of the product.  And, it doesn’t hurt they are available in two delightful flavors, Lemonade & Raspberry. 

Coming in at only $24.99, you’re able to get 12 dissolvable CBD Fizzy Tablets for about $2 each.  Meaning you’ve got a two week supply of CBD for less than your daily cup of coffee! 

If either one of these products interest you, check out the entire line of Cibadol products here.

Is Cibadol CBD The Right Product For You?

Cibadol has passed our high standards for CBD products, but does it pass yours? 

Cibadol checks the box when it comes to safety & reliability.  Their certification by the U.S. Hemp Authority, Leaping Bunny, and NSF GMP Facility all relay the high standards that Cibadol puts on their products.

Cibadol also checks the price box.  They’ve been able to bring affordable CBD to consumers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.  With tinctures costing as low as $12.99, Cibadol has created safe products for interested consumers looking to try CBD, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so.

Finally, their wide range of products means you can find a CBD product for just about anyone. They offer products like a CBN Tincture for sleep, CBG Tincture for energy, CBD Capsules for those that don’t like the taste of tinctures, and much more.  

Their wide selection of products also includes THC Free, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum products.  Meaning customers that are worried about THC content can rest assured that their is no trace amounts of THC in any of their Broad Spectrum or THC Free products.

With low prices, a wide selection of products, and the reliability that you’re getting exactly what you pay for, what’s stopping you from trying a Cibadol product today? 

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