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CBD Gummies or CBD Tinctures - Which One Is Right For You?

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

CBD Gummies or CBD Tinctures -  Which One Is Right For You?

CBD Tincture of CBD Gummy, which is right for you?
When it comes to using CBD, you name it, they’ve found a way to put CBD in it. We’ve heard of CBD toothpicks, pillows, cooking oil, and even personal lubricant!

To be frank, some of the products that now have CBD in it are pretty gimmicky.

CBD pillows for example, may slowly release CBD throughout the night, but judging how much CBD you’re actually getting into your body would be hard to quantify.

In a recent survey to current & potential CBD users, 52% of respondents had tried CBD Tinctures, and 48% had tried CBD Gummies.

These were by far the 2 most popular forms of CBD that users had tried, with CBD vape coming in at only 32%. 

So chances are if you’ve tried CBD at least once, you’ve used a tincture or eaten a piece of candy that had CBD in it. 

But, the question remains, which one is better?

Advantages of CBD Gummies

Variety of gummy bears that have CBD in them.

CBD Gummies can come in all sorts of textures, sizes, and strengths. Deciding which strength best suits your needs can be difficult when it comes to CBD Gummies.

  1. Great Taste - As we’ve discussed before, CBD Gummies are the tastiest way to take CBD. With flavors like Citrus or Mixed Berry, these delicious treats allow the user to enjoy their CBD experience with every bite.

    If you’re able to get your CBD needs met, while also enjoying the flavor, that’s a true win-win. 

  2. Precise Measurements - CBD Gummies allow for precise measurements. For example, our Cibadol CBD Gummies contain exactly 30MG’s of CBD per gummy, allowing for you to control exactly how much CBD you’re taking.

    While there’s no real “limit” on how much CBD someone may need to take, knowing the exact amount of CBD you’re taking allows the user to better understand their daily CBD needs.

  3. Convenience - Snacking on the go is something we’ve all become accustomed to as we live our busy lives. Taking a break to snack on a gummy is something most people can do at work with someone batting an eye.

    However, little does your coworker know, that piece of candy could contain CBD in it as well. Many of our customers will keep a bottle of CBD Gummies in their purse or backpack as a way to conveniently use CBD wherever they may need that kind of relief. 

Disadvantages of CBD Gummies

While CBD Gummies are tasty, convenient, and precise, they aren’t a perfect product. 

  1. Effectiveness - Like anything else you eat, CBD Gummies have to go through your digestive system. This natural process could diminish the amount of CBD your body is able to absorb.

    On average, we say your body could absorb about 50-70% of the CBD per gummy. So in theory, for our 30MG Cibadol Gummies, your body would absorb 15-21MG’s of CBD. 

  2. Lack Of Adjustment - While one of the advantages to CBD Gummies is precise measurement, this also prevents you from playing with how much CBD you take each time.

    For example, if you feel you need 40MG’s of CBD per day, and you’re using our 30MG Cibadol Gummies, you’d need to eat 1 ⅓ CBD gummy per day. Breaking a piece of candy into ⅓ isn’t the easiest thing to do each day. 

  3. Unhealthy Ingredients - While not all CBD Gummies face this problem, we’ve seen our fair share of CBD Gummies that contain insanely high amounts of sugar or other unnatural ingredients.

    Most people take CBD to improve their health, so ingesting unhealthy ingredients while taking CBD is counterintuitive to us. Look for CBD Gummies that have natural sweeteners like tapioca syrup or honey.

Advantages to CBD Tinctures 

Tincture bottle next to a hemp plant.

Just about any CBD company in the United States today offers CBD Tinctures. Understanding the ins & outs of these products are the first step to understanding your CBD experience. 

  1. Precise Measurements - Every CBD Tincture comes with an eye dropper in each bottle, and these eye droppers typically have measurements on the dropper. These measurements allow for you to take an exact amount of CBD each time you put that oil under your tongue.

    Take ¼, ½, ¾, or a full dropper. Whatever strength you need, CBD Tinctures allow for you to decide how much you want to take. 

  2. Effectiveness - The importance of taking CBD under your tongue is based in part to increase the effectiveness of the CBD you’re taking. The area under your tongue contains the biggest concentration of blood vessels in our body.

    This vast amount of blood vessels allows for the maximum amount of CBD to enter your bloodstream, meaning you get more out of the amount of CBD you take.   

  3. Familiarity - Being that CBD Tinctures were one of the first mainstream Hemp products, many users of CBD only know one way to take it. Some users may switch brands, strengths, or flavors, but they don’t switch the form of CBD they use.

    If you’ve been using CBD as a tincture, and it’s been working for you, then we’d say fall back on the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Disadvantages to CBD Tinctures 

While CBD Tinctures may be the most popular form of CBD, they certainly aren’t for everyone.

  1. Taste - The biggest complaint we’ve seen over the years in regards to CBD Tinctures is taste. We’ve broken down the tastiest ways to take CBD before, but tinctures haven’t always ranked the highest for consumers.

    While some tinctures have mint or vanilla flavoring to help, if you’re not a fan of holding an oil under your tongue, there isn’t much more you can do to overcome that taste.

  2. Indiscreet - Picture you’re sitting at your desk at work with several coworkers around you, you take a bottle out of your desk, tilt your head back, and put a substance under your tongue & hold it there for 60 seconds.

    Some coworkers who may not be familiar with what you’re doing could be inquiring about what you’re doing, leading to sometimes unnecessary or uncomfortable discussions between you and your coworkers.

    By taking a CBD Gummy, many won’t bat an eye at someone eating a quick snack at work. The same can’t always be said for tincture.

  3. Inconvenient - CBD Tinctures aren’t the most difficult way to take CBD, but they aren’t the most convenient either. Seeing that you have to hold something under your tongue for 30-60 seconds, your ability to talk or do other things could be hindered briefly.

    Whereas popping a piece of candy in your mouth & going on about your day is a little easier to manage. 

These advantages & disadvantages should help you understand the differences between CBD Gummies and CBD Tinctures in a detailed & informative way. 

We’d say if you’re looking for the most effective and traditional way to take CBD, you’ll want to go for a CBD Tincture.

If you prefer taste & convenience in your CBD products, go with a CBD Gummy.

Either way, make sure it’s been certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, and that the product you’re buying meets the needs & expectations of what you have in mind!


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