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New U.S. Hemp Authority Standard Version 3.0

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

Second Draft Standard Version 3.0 U.S. Hemp Authority Guidelines

New U.S. Hemp Authority 3.0 standard guideline procedures.

Big news today for anyone involved with the nation’s leading regulatory body for all things Hemp.  The U.S. Hemp Authority™ has recently published an updated guideline for their 3.0 Standard after receiving 66 total comments during their original 90 day comment period.

We discussed the first draft version of the 3.0 Standard here, where we detailed all the requirements for each stakeholder in Hemp.  These stakeholders can be Hemp Growers, Hemp Processors/Manufacturers, or Retail Branded Companies.  

Previously known as the Guideline Procedures 2.0, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ has rebranded their certification to be called Standard Version 3.0.  This rebranding does nothing to the depth of requirements set for by the U.S. Hemp Authority™, it simply gives it a little cooler name!

Other than the name change, there were some other notable changes to the standard that we’ll talk further about today, as well as some language that stayed the same. All-in-all, the new U.S. Hemp Authority™ 3.0 Standard puts the Hemp industry as a whole in a better place.

What Is The U.S. Hemp Authority? 

U.S. Hemp Authority is the home for safe, certified, and trustworthy CBD, CBG, or CBN products

The U.S. Hemp Authority™ is the nation’s leading regulatory body for all things Hemp.  They have been involved in the Hemp industry for several years now, and are continually updating & changing their requirements.

The U.S. Hemp Authority™ aims at bringing more consumer confidence to the Hemp & CBD industry.  We as Certified Hemp Hub have seen far too many times a customer question the legitimacy of a product.

When the FDA doesn’t regulate an industry, bad actors can emerge, and those bad actors have certainly made their way around the CBD industry.  In order to ensure a higher public confidence in Hemp & CBD products, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ was born.  

Through their strict standards that have been followed by the nation’s leading Hemp & CBD companies, their Certification Standard Version 3.0 sets forth extensive guidelines that all the top companies in the industry follow.  

These guidelines ensure proper labeling, testing, and no harmful substances in any of their products.  Anyone interested in any Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid product should only purchase products from companies that have gone through this extensive certification process.  


Why The U.S. Hemp Authority Updates Their Standard

Chalk board with what's next written on it.

One of the best things about the U.S. Hemp Authority™ is their willingness to listen to all stakeholders in the Hemp industry.  

Being that the legal business of Hemp is somewhat new, guidelines, procedures, and best-practices are continually being updated to stay in line with the most current & relevant information.

Because the U.S. Hemp Authority™ is committed to being the nation’s leading Hemp regulatory body, they rely on information from everyone involved in making the highest quality Hemp-Derived products possible.  

In order to maintain the most up-to-date standards, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ publishes their guidelines to be made available to the public before they are finalized.  With the 3.0 version, they published their first draft in the beginning of September, and allowed for a 90 day comment period.  

After 66 total feedback comments, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ was able to make some changes to the wording of the document to be more friendly towards smaller Hemp businesses, as well as adjust some definitions and verbiage to better suit all stakeholders in Hemp.

Not only does the U.S. Hemp Authority™ require their approved companies to go through an audit every year, but in some ways, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ opens their standards to the entire Hemp world for an “audit” every year.  By opening their standards for public comment, they can ensure all Hemp companies have a fair, equitable chance at ensuring their products can earn the Seal of Approval by the nation’s leading hemp regulatory body. 

This openness, transparency, and willingness to improve their certification is yet another reason why all consumers of Hemp-Derived CBD, CBG, or CBN products should only purchase those products if they’ve got the U.S. Hemp Authority™ Seal of Approval.

Standard Version 3.0 Comments That Did Not Change

Lap top saying U.S. Hemp Authority 3.0 standard - some things can stay the same.


There were 3 main areas that the U.S. Hemp Authority™ deemed not worthy of changing.  

First, they received a lot of general positive feedback about the program as a whole.  There were a lot of Hemp stakeholders who simply applauded their efforts, and wished them continued success.  Positive feedback is never a bad thing in our opinion.

Secondly, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ did see a lot of comments around different state laws regarding THC content, harvesting procedures, and general state regulatory issues.  The U.S. Hemp Authority™ works closely with the U.S. Hemp Roundtable™ in efforts to change state-by-state legislation, but the U.S. Hemp Authority™ has no purview or ability to override specific regulations.

Finally, some suggestions were based around improvement in technology resources, like blockchain or similar traceability mechanisms.  According to the U.S. Hemp Authority™, “The program appreciates these suggestions but does not have the capacity at this time to implement such possibilities”.  

So, they received a lot of positive feedback, which is always welcomed, but some of the suggested changes just aren’t feasible at this time.  

Now let’s take a look at some of the minor changes that did occur.

Changes Made To Standard Version 3.0

U.S. Hemp Authority is moving the Hemp industry further along with continually updating their 3.0 Standard Guidelines

The list of changes that could be made to the U.S. Hemp Authority™ Standard Version 3.0 was a little longer than expected, but there weren’t any overarching dramatic changes from the initial document.  

There were a total of 9 “changes”, but some of those items were simple actions like adding an annex to describe the certification process or some clarifications on product labeling.  Very minor changes in the grand scheme of things.

But, there were some notable changes.  The first one being smaller farmers wanting to make sure they weren’t being priced out of being able to receive this certification.  I can see how this would be a tough issue for the U.S. Hemp Authority™ to deal with.

On one hand, they want to be a premier regulatory body, with the highest standards and best practices in the country.  But, high standards can sometimes price out the “little guy”.

So, to address this issue, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ adjusted some of the language in their new Standard Version 3.0 to provide a feasible way for farmers of all sizes to get their Seal of Approval.  While it may not be perfect, it’s nice to see they want an equitable future for everyone involved in Hemp.

Secondly, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ made changes to better align their Standard with federally mandated good manufacturing practices and food safety requirements that Hemp stakeholders may already have to do.  They want to ensure this program works FOR everyone in the Hemp industry, not bury them down in unnecessary paperwork.

The final notable change would be the added definitions of Hemp Fiber, Pet Products, and it also clarifies their position that if the product is promoting it’s THC content to consumers, that product would fall out of the purview of their program.  They basically don’t want CBD companies saying “Hey, look, there’s THC in this gummy you should totally try it and see if you get high”.  Because, as we’ve covered before, CBD is non-intoxicating, and that type of messaging is hurtful for both their own interests and the consumers.  

Other small changes included some expanded analytical testing for Hemp, full supply chain compliance has been removed, and numerous minor adjustments to wording based on public suggestions were made.  

There weren’t a lot of massive changes from the initial Standard 3.0 Version and this one.  Really, there were tweaks to wording, and a renewed commitment to ensure this program can fit anyone in Hemp, but all-in-all this program remained mostly in-tact.

How You Can Help In Hemp

Hands in the air raising to volunteer.

As we’ve discussed today, the U.S. Hemp Authority™ welcomes public comment & opinion on their certification process, and will actually implement good ideas should they come up.

Because of this transparency, we encourage everyone to read their document outlining the process, and submit any suggestions for improvement while you still can.

The first public comment period lasted 90 days, this time they are only giving about 30 days.  All comments can be submitted through a form you can find here, and you have until December 31st, 2020 to do so.  

While we can’t think of any improvements, we love that they have an open mind and are willing to listen to anyone who may have a way to make the entire Hemp industry better off.  This type of leadership is rare to find, and we applaud everyone working in the U.S. Hemp Authority™ for their hard work & continued commitment to bettering the country everyday, one Hemp plant at a time.


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