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An Honest Open Letter On Giving CBD To Your Dog

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

Open Letter From Our Founder On Giving CBD To Your Dog

CBD - it's my life's work. I've sold this product for years now, centering my professional & personal stake on this natural product.

I've given CBD to everyone I love in my life; my grandma, my fiancé, my parents, and maybe most importantly, both of my dogs.

I've had two dogs since I began my CBD journey, Lady, an elderly dog that battled dozens of health issues, and more recently, Winston, a puppy that was only 6 weeks old when we adopted him. I've included pictures of both throughout this article for your viewing pleasure :)

 Lady the therapy dog using CBD.

dog sleeping after taking cbd

So I've got firsthand experience on both spectrums of why you'd try to give CBD to your dog. Either to calm them down, or help manage daily struggles.

This is my unfiltered, unbiased opinion on what it's like to experiment with giving CBD to your dog. 

Why I Decided To Give CBD To My Dog

For my older dog, Lady, she was our guinea pig when it came to CBD. I was given a free bottle a year before CBD was even federally legal, and the person giving me the bottle gave me almost no instructions or guidance on what to do with the product.


They just said "hey, you might feel better after you take it".

Well - given that I'm inherently skeptical, my first thought was even if I do take this product & I feel better, how do I know it's not all in my head

So - I thought to try it with Lady. I knew that if I noticed any difference in her mood or mobility, that it wouldn't be in her head. All she knew was that I was sticking a dropper in her mouth twice a day, not that it was supposed to make her feel any better.

A dog who uses cbd to feel better.

And - after only 2 days, I was truly astounded with the results we saw. Lady was able to jump up & down on the couch much better, she could get up the stairs better than she ever could, and her overall mood improved greatly.

While she was no young pup - there was a clear improvement in her day-to-day life. Which for me, was all I cared about. My loving pup was feeling better, and I didn't care what made that happen.

Mistakes I've Made Giving CBD To My Dog

After giving CBD to my dog Lady for a few months, I decided to continue experimenting with her CBD dosage.

At first, I was giving her 15mg's of CBD in the morning & night everyday. But, I was going through my bottle of CBD fairly quickly, so I wanted to see how little I could give her without compromising her feeling better.

So I started giving CBD to her once a day, then once every few days, and on and on until I stopped giving it to her all together. It was one of those things that I just stopped doing for no good reason.

Maybe it was because the bottle was too expensive, or I forgot about the routine, or I just stopped paying close attention to Lady's day-to-day struggles.

Whatever the case may be, one day Lady tried to jump up on the couch and she fell back down, letting out a loud yelp, and everyone in the household just felt terrible for the old pup.

A dog wearing a hat made out of hemp.

That moment right there was when we looked at each other knowing we need to get Lady back on CBD. 

Two days after getting Lady back on CBD, all those same improvements we noticed from before came right back. 

It was clear as day after that moment, that CBD was helping Lady's life, and the only reason it wouldn't help was if we lapsed in giving it to her twice a day, everyday, for the rest of her days.

What It's Like To Give CBD To A Puppy

puppy barking who needs cbd.

Lady was the ultimate test case for why I believe in CBD, for both humans in pets. CBD made a clear & direct improvement on her life, and I'll always be thankful for that.

However, with our new puppy Winston, there's a different case to be made. We wanted to try CBD with Winston in part because of the success with Lady.

But, we were giving this to Winston for a completely different reason. We wanted this puppy to CALM DOWN!

Anyone that's ever raised a puppy has puppy horror stories they could share with you. From tearing up couches, ripping a part socks, and waking you up at all hours of the night, puppies can be a terror.

Thus - enter CBD. We've had countless stories of customers giving CBD to their dogs to calm them down, with lots of success. Fourth of July is always the busiest time of year for our CBD pet business.

So - we tried giving CBD to Winston, with very mixed results. Some nights we'd give him 30MG's of CBD right before bed, hoping he'd let us sleep in more. That one failed.

We tried giving Winston CBD in the morning in hopes that he'd have a more calm day, that came with mixed results. 

Finally, we thought let's try CBD dog treats instead, and again CBD failed us.

What we found was the best solution to keep Winston calm during the day, and sleepy throughout the night was a combination of exercise, play time, and CBD.

puppy sleeping after taking cbd.

CBD alone wasn't helping him stay asleep during the night. But, when we combined a long day of exercise outside with a healthy dose CBD at night, we could sleep in just a bit more. 

CBD with puppies can have mixed results, and that's okay. CBD isn't meant to knock a dog out, or be so strong that they are groggy. CBD is a natural alternative to help chill out you or your pet, and sometimes puppies can fight the effects of CBD much more easily than older dogs.

So while I still swear by CBD for you or your pets, it's a good lesson in setting expectations with CBD. Yes, it can help, but it may not cure all of life's problems.

For me, getting an additional hour of sleep thanks to CBD was well worth the price & effort. 

Three Ways Ways To Give CBD To Your Dog

Using pill pockets from greenies to give your dog CBD.

  1. Dropper - My personal preference is to put the CBD dropper right into my dogs mouth, ensuring they get the full serving. We've got a few different brands of CBD dog tinctures that all have a natural flavoring to them to help your dog enjoy taking CBD. Some have chicken or fish flavoring for example. By putting the CBD dropper right in your dogs mouth, you know exactly how much CBD you've given your dog, allowing for a more consistent daily regiment. 

  2. Pill Pocket/Treats - There’s a lot of picky dogs out there. So while we have flavored CBD dog tinctures, some pups just won't have it. So one workaround is Pill Pockets by the company Greenies. You can very easily add some of the oil into one of their treats, put a little peanut butter on top, and all of a sudden your pup will be begging for their daily CBD treat. 

  3. Capsules - This method isn't as effective as a CBD tincture because of the amount of product lost during digestion, but it's also the most common form of giving medicine to your dog. So if your pup is used to taking pills, or you have a special routine that already involves giving medicine to your dog, CBD capsules may be be the best solution for you. Wrapping the CBD pill in some tasty treat like peanut butter is a go-to move for many of our CBD capsule customers. 

My Experience With Giving CBD To Dogs

Founder of certified hemp hub in a cbd shop with a dog.

Finally - one last note on CBD with animals. This is not a magic potion, or cure all product.

For my dog Lady that was 13 years old, and had dozens of serious health problems, CBD was what made her life just a little bit better. We noticed her being able to jump up & down on the couch more easily with CBD, her mood was better, and overall she was just in better spirits when she took CBD, versus when she didn’t. 

For Winston, our young Australian Shepard puppy, CBD was one tool in our toolkit to make his life better. 

This could be the same case with your dog.

Experimentation, monitoring, and open-mindedness are all paramount when starting to use CBD with your dog.

Don’t be afraid to give more or less depending on the dog, the time of day, the ailment, or anything else that may be going on in your dog's life.

For many dog owners, the Fourth of July is a good time to use several CBD droppers during the night to help calm them from the fireworks.


This isn’t an exact science, and your dog can’t tell you exactly how they’re feeling. So all you can do is start with a safe, strong, and well-known CBD product, and go from there.

What's beautiful about CBD is we know it probably won't hurt your dog. So all you can do is give it a shot, keep an open mind, and hope for the best. 


Kerry Hinkle - Founder & CEO of Certified Hemp Hub & Membership Coordinator with the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. 

man with a dog and a cat who use cbd.


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