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CBD Brand Breakdown - Pure Pet CBD

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

CBD Brand Breakdown - Pure Pet

Pure pet cbd logo.

We’re back with a second installment of our CBD Brand Breakdown series.  We first covered Cibadol, one of the most affordable CBD brands on the market today.

But, for today’s Brand Breakdown, we turn our eyes towards our furry friends and take a deeper look into the Pure Pet CBD line of products.

Every vendor or line of products that we offer on our site has been carefully vetted to ensure they provide the highest quality CBD products on the market today.

Each vendor must provide us with a Certificate of Analysis for each Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid product they offer.  These COAs allow each consumer to know exactly what is in each product they will be putting into their body.

Every brand we offer must also pass the strict standards set forth by the U.S. Hemp Authority.  This organization has set the highest possible standards for regulation in the Hemp industry today, which is much needed.  You can learn everything you need to know about this regulatory body here.

Each brand we offer will likely have slightly different extraction methods, product offerings, and pricing structures.  There will be some products from certain brands that may better suit an individual consumer over another.

As with anything in CBD, experimentation with how much you take, what form of CBD you’re taking, and how often you consume CBD will be key in determining the most effective Cannabinoid routine for your needs.

Our job here at Certified Hemp Hub is to offer as many high quality Hemp products as we can, give a ton of details on each product, and let you decide which product best suits your needs.

With that said, let’s begin our deep dive into all things Pure Pet.

Pure Pet Difference - In Their Words

Pure pet founder's dog Mack.

The handsome fellow pictured above is Mack, the reason behind the Pure Pet CBD brand. His owner is one of the Co-Founders of the brand, and he was an early adopter for CBD use in pets.

When CBD was first becoming popular, many wondered if these same benefits humans were seeing could apply to pets as well.  So, Mack’s dad tried giving him some human CBD to see if it could help with some of his aches & pains.  And, sure enough, Mack started moving around a little better and had less stress.

But, because there wasn’t a lot of research into CBD for pets, they decided to create their own line of pet CBD products so the world could experience the same benefits Mack did.


Now with time under their belt, Pure Pet has some defined qualities that separate them from the rest of the CBD world.

First up, is specialization.  Because they have a singular focus on pets, this allows them to study & perfect their products to fit specific desires.  For example, their line of CBD Tinctures are flavored with natural chicken to ensure your pet enjoys their CBD experience.

Secondly, Pure Pet prides themselves on not allowing price to stand in the way of increasing your pet’s quality of life.  They claim to have the lowest milligrams of CBD per dollar than anyone else.  

Finally, security & discretion are a top priority for Pure Pet.  They ship products in discreet packaging to minimize any risks during delivery.  

All of their products have been extracted using supercritical Co2 & Ethanol to ensure the entirety of the Hemp plant stays intact. Their products have no pesticide exposure, toxic solvent residue, heavy metals, or any other harmful substances.  

Pure Pet CBD has 3 different CBD tincture strengths, and 1 CBD pet capsule, which allows for multiple avenues for experimenting with giving CBD to your furry loved ones.

Success Story with Pure Pet CBD

Lady the therapy dog who takes CBD for pain.

First up, that’s Lady pictured above, who is another success story when it comes to Pure Pet. Lady is a registered Therapy Dog, who spends most of her time in a 1st grade classroom helping kids.

But, when she isn’t dealing with kiddo problems, she has some of her own to worry about.  Lady is an old pup, which comes with less energy & limited movement.  Things like jumping up on the couch used to be next to impossible.  

After 3 days of Lady on the Large Pet CBD Tincture, there was a noticeable difference to her mood and ability to move around.  She was more playful, wanted to go on longer walks, and was just clearly a more happy dog.  

After almost 2 years of Lady being on Pure Pet CBD, we’ve noticed the biggest difference when she isn’t taking CBD versus when she is.  

For example, a few weeks back she tried getting up some stairs, but had a minor fall.  After some discussion, we realized it’d been a few weeks since we had given her CBD.  We immediately began giving her CBD again, and no falls!

Because CBD can be subtle, sometimes we notice the benefits most when we’re not consuming it.

Our Opinion on Pure Pet CBD

Now that you’ve heard what Pure Pet has to say about their products, and some success stories, let’s dive into what we think about the brand as a whole.

Pure Pet offers products only as Full Spectrum options.  We like this fact because Full Spectrum CBD can be considered more beneficial due to the use of the full plant extract.  

Because they only use Full Spectrum CBD in their products, this ensures your pet is getting the most they can out of their CBD use.

A product we’d like to highlight is the 1,800MG Full Spectrum Tincture, which is a great purchase for someone looking for a high-powered solution for their pets ailments.

One full dropper of this 1,800MG tincture provides 60MG’s of CBD.  This is a large amount of CBD per serving, especially for the price of only $49.99.

What we really like about the Pure Pet line of products is the size-specific tincture options.  While these are only suggested serving sizes, you can find the right product for you based on your pets weight.  They have options for Small Pets, Medium Pets, or Large Pets.

But, if your pet doesn’t like the natural chicken flavoring of the tincture, they also offer some CBD Pet Capsules which are great for the pet owner that is used to giving pills to their pets. 

These CBD Pet Capsules allow for exact dosing when it comes to your pet, so you know exactly how much you’re giving them every time.  Also, they hide pretty easily in peanut butter ;).

All-in-all, Pure Pet has set out on a mission to design CBD products suited specifically for dogs, cats, and all other types of animals.  

Is Pure Pet CBD The Best For You? 

If you’re anything like us, we spend more money on our pets than ourselves sometimes.  And, with that type of devotion to your pet, 

This passion for our pets is felt by everyone working at Pure Pet, so that helps settle any reservations one may have about what products you’re giving your pet.  

We like Pure Pet for their price, selection, and high standards.  10/10 worth a try when considering Hemp-Derived CBD for your furry family members.


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