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Everything You Need To Know About Synchronicity CBD

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

Everything You Need To Know About Synchronicity CBD Products

Introducing: Synchronicity CBD! We're thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Synchronicity Hemp Oil.

Based out of Boulder Colorado, Synchronicity is one of the most trusted names in the CBD market today. 

With their beautiful packaging, reasonable pricing, and a wide variety of Hemp oil products, expanding our selective offering to include Synchronicity was a no-brainer for our team.

Today, we'll take a deeper look into all of the certifications Synchronicity has, we'll take a long look at their extremely unique extraction process, and briefly touch on some of our favorite products they offer.

Let's dive in on everything you need to know about Synchronicity Hemp Oil! 

Synchronicity's Unique Hemp Oil Extraction Process

Examining Synchronicity hand-pressed extraction method.

One of the biggest reasons to give Synchronicity CBD products a try is because of their truly unique & game-changing extraction process. If you're well-versed in the Hemp oil market, you've probably heard of two very common extraction processes.

Most companies with either use a CO2 critical extraction method, or some sort of Ethanol/Alcohol based extraction. 

Each method has some pro's & con's, with each side claiming the way they extract their Hemp oil is best. We'll leave that discussion for another day.

Synchronicity however, uses a gentle, hand-pressed method to ensure the full plant extract is kept intact. 

When visiting their state-of-the-art facility in Boulder, you'll find 6 different apple presses in their facility. These apple presses are hand operated, taking the Hemp oil out of the plant in a slow, meticulous way.


When using a much lower heat, lower pressure extraction method, you're treating the Hemp plant the way it was meant to be treated, delicately. 

When you use a Co2 or Ethanol based extraction method, and you compare those results with that of the hand-pressed method, you'll find that the full plant Hemp extract is kept more intact, giving you the full healing power of Hemp.

Hemp oil, when extracted improperly, can result in damage to the cell walls & the integrity of the product is put into question.

With these 6 apple presses in the facility, and their low heat/low pressure extraction, you're more likely to see better results from all of their Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products compared to other CBD brands

Feel the difference in Synchronicity CBD today, browse all of their products here.

Synchronicity Certifications

Stay safe with Synchronicity hemp oil because of all of their certifications.

First and foremost, as with any product offered on this website, Synchronicity has of course gone through the U.S. Hemp Authority certification.

As the nation's leading certification program for all things Hemp, we strongly recommend only buying CBD products that have their coveted seal of approval.

But, not only is Synchronicity Certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, they are also NSF GMP Registered, ISO 9001 accredited, FDA and compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is licensed by both the FDA and the Colorado Department of Health. 

The world leaders for inspection, verification, testing, and certification, the NSF & SGS, have both given GMP Certification to Synchronicity. 

Synchronicity is the only non-pharmaceutical Hemp Oil company to have received the prestigious global designation of ISO 9001-2015 certified. 

Whenever the FDA decides to formally regulate CBD, Synchronicity will be miles ahead of whatever designation they create.

All of these certifications take enormous amounts of time, money, and energy to get. But, in the sometimes unreliable market that is CBD, you can't put a price on safety.

Synchronicity Hemp Oil products are truly one of the most scrutinized, reliable, and effective CBD products in the U.S. today.

Our Favorite Synchronicity CBD Products 

Now that you understand the amount of care that goes into each product Synchronicity makes, let's take a look at some of our favorite product offerings.

First up - the go-to product for anyone interested in trying their products, their CBD Sample Product Bundle.

Synchronicity CBD product bundle.

This Synchronicity CBD product bundle contains;

  1. 1 10 Count of 25MG's CBD capsules
  2. 1 165MG Berry Lemonade CBD Tincture
  3. 1 18.75MG CBD Body Oil
  4. 1 37.5MG CBD Body Butter

That's 4 hand-pressed, low heat, low pressure extracted CBD products for only $19.99! 

Next - let's take a look at the most popular product we offer from them, their 2,500MG CBD Sports Roll On.

Synchronicity CBD sports balm roll on.

As we've laid out previously, this product was extracted using a gentle, hand-pressed method, that keeps the entire Hemp extract in-tact.

When applying CBD topically, you typically have a problem area that you'd like to attack. This is exactly what this 2,500MG Sports Roll On provides.

With the high content of CBD in each roll on, you're getting one of the most powerful CBD topicals in the country today.

Other all-natural ingredients like Arnica Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, and Organic Menthol makes this Roll-On pack quite the punch for any of your spot-specific issues.

Simply shake the bottle, apply to your problem area, and watch the magic work with this Full Spectrum CBD Sports Roll On.


Finally - you've got to try their 500MG CBD Tincture. Available in 3 flavors, Peppermint, Berry Lemonade, or Natural, this is one of three different strength tinctures that Synchronicity offers.

Synchronicity 500mg CBD berry lemonade tincture.

We wanted to highlight this 500MG tincture, but, Synchronicity does offer 250MG & 1000MG CBD tinctures as well.

The 500MG tincture we've found is the perfect strength between the two, packing a punch while staying affordable. 

These CBD tinctures are non-GMO, and extremely rich in naturally-occurring Phytocannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and more. 

If you'd like to really compare what a Co2 or Ethanol extracted CBD product feels like, compared to their hand-pressed method, you must try one of their 3 different CBD tincture.

This is truly their most game-changing CBD product.

Synchronicity Hemp Oil - Feel The Difference

We've got extremely high standards for any product we offer. We'd rather take a hit on profits, or take a smaller portion of the CBD pie, rather than risk selling an inferior product.

This commitment to high standards is best exemplified with our U.S. Hemp Authority certification requirement. But, Synchronicity has truly gone above & beyond with the amount of certifications they have, and their truly unique extraction process.

Based in the biggest Hemp state in the country, Colorado, Synchronicity products are revolutionizing the way we think of CBD. 

Their beautiful packaging, reasonable pricing, and game-changing extraction are all excellent reasons to give these products a shot today.

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