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What Is The Tastiest Way To Consume CBD?

Posted by Kerry Hinkle on

What Is The Tastiest Way To Take CBD?

Ranking the tastiest ways to take CBD.

Taste is one of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing which form of CBD you’d like to consume. 

For some, trying CBD will never be an option if they can only put an oil-based tincture under their tongue.

We’ve seen countless “horror stories” of someone buying a CBD tincture & claiming they can’t handle the taste, so they’re not able to enjoy their CBD intake. 

While we’re familiar with these stories, we also have a diehard section of customers who swear by CBD tinctures, and won’t use any other form of CBD.

With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to break down the taste of three of the most popular forms of CBD, CBD Tinctures, Gummies, & Capsules.

The Taste of CBD Tinctures

Woman holding CBD tincture in her hand.

CBD Tinctures took the industry by storm when we first discovered the wonderful benefits of CBD. CBD, in an oil form, is the most traditional way to consume CBD.

In order to get CBD into a tincture, most companies will take the CBD Isolate powder & combine that with some sort of oil carrier. These oil carriers mean the world when it comes to the taste of the product.

Some of the worst tasting CBD we’ve tried will use Olive Oil as a carrier for CBD, and trust us, we would not recommend that specific oil carrier.

The tastiest CBD Oil Tincture we've tried uses a combination of MCT Oil & Sunflower Lecithin. Sunflower Lecithin provides a sweet after taste to the product, without compromising on the effectiveness of the Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil. 


Another thing to consider when shopping for CBD tinctures is flavors. For example, some companies use a Vanilla or Mint flavoring to help improve the experience of consuming their CBD tincture.

At the end of the day, a CBD Tincture may not be the absolute best tasting form of CBD, but it’s a tried & true form that millions of people still prefer to this day.

Tasteless CBD Capsules

Woman holding CBD pills in her hand.

Worried about the taste of your CBD? How about a tasteless option! 

As we've discussed before, Americans are used to taking pills or capsules for one reason or another. 

CBD Capsules are inherently tasteless, and are extremely similar to any other pill or capsule you may be used to using. 

Not only are they tasteless, but they provide the user with an exact measurement with each capsule they choose to use. 

We’ve seen a big segment of customers who use the “Sunday-Saturday” pill capsule containers for their everyday medical needs, who will simply throw a CBD capsule into that mix.

CBD Capsules allow for convenience, exact measurements, & a tasteless CBD experience. 

These are the perfect alternative if you're looking for a simple, easy, & tasteless way to take CBD everyday. 

CBD Gummies - The Tastiest Way To Take CBD

Woman holding CBD gummies in her hand.

Now entering the conversation, candy! CBD Gummies are by far the tastiest & most enjoyable way to take CBD.

CBD Gummies combine the convenience & precision of CBD Capsules, with some delicious flavor. 

CBD Gummies are lightweight, compact, and extremely easy to take. 

With flavors like Mixed Berry or Citrus, you can find a way to take your daily dose of CBD & enjoy it while you’re doing it. 

When looking for CBD Gummies, you should consider the other ingredients used because some of the Gummies on the market today have a ton of sugar & other unhealthy ingredients.

Most people are using CBD as a way to improve their health in someway, so you may not want the most unhealthy thing in the world while also trying to get your CBD.

Our Cibadol CBD Gummies contain natural sweeteners like tapioca syrup and honey so your CBD Gummy is still a delicious treat without the other unhealthy ingredients.

If you haven’t liked the taste of CBD Tinctures in the past, CBD Gummies could be the perfect solution for you!


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