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Synchronicity CBD - 1500MG CBD Capsules


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Synchronicity CBD Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules

Discover the power of Hemp as nature intended with Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules. Our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules are much more than plain CBD capsules.

While CBD is often produced by extracting CBD from Hemp flowers using harsh chemicals, we produce our Hemp Oil from the entire Hemp plant using gentle hand-pressing and infusing coconut oil with our low-impact LipidTrans™ process.

This proprietary process creates a Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsule brimming with the wholesomeness of the entire Hemp plant.

CBD pills and Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules are convenient to take on-the-go to optimize your well-being. With Synchronicity’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules, you will experience the True Entourage Effect™ and naturally boost your feeling of wellness.

 Why Use Synchronicity CBD Capsules?

1500MG Synchronicity CBD Capsules.

Synchronicity has developed easy-to-swallow Hemp Oil Capsules that are easier to digest than traditional CBD tablets, CBD capsules, CBD gel caps, Hemp pills, or CBD oil pills.

Unlike most producers of CBD supplements, we control the entire process. Our Hemp Oil is produced from local, sustainably grown Hemp and bottled in Colorado. That way, the quality of our products is controlled from seed to bottle. Our Hemp Oil Capsules are non-GMO and rich in naturally-occurring phytonutrients.

Gently hand-pressed and lipid-infused using our patented LipidTrans™ process, they stand out from the rest.

Please keep in mind that the CBD proper dosage depends on each person’s body chemistry, so we suggest waiting at least one hour after your first dose to gauge its impact on you.

Synchronicity 1500MG Capsules - Two Options

Synchronicity CBD Capsules.

With all things CBD - everyone has different preferences. Which is exactly why Synchronicity has given you choices with these 1500MG Full Spectrum CBD Capsules.

One option is 30 Capsules - with 50MG's in each capsule. These are extremely strong CBD capsules, with a typical suggested serving size being 1 capsule a day. This option may be perfect for someone who enjoys using CBD capsules for general relaxation.

Looking for something more on the pain side of things? Then the 60 capsule 25MG's in each capsule could be the better solution for you! This option still gives you 50MG's of Whole Hemp Plant extract in the day, but this suggested serving size is 2 capsules a day. One in the morning, in at night.

So you're bound to find the right product to suit your needs - what's stopping you from giving CBD a try today? 

Why Use CBD Capsules In General?

4 Reasons Why To Use CBD Capsules.

CBD Capsules are probably the most convenient way to consume CBD.  This convenience comes from how most of us are used to/have taken Capsules/Pills in the past.

For some customers, they incorporate these CBD Capsules into their "Monday-Sunday" Weekly Pill Organizer.  

Others enjoy consuming CBD in this manor due to the lack of taste.  Tinctures, while they're the most popular way to take CBD, can sometimes be too bitter for some customers.  This obstacle of taste should not prevent someone from enjoying the wonders of CBD.

The fact that these CBD Capsules are Tasteless, Convenient, & perfect for Routines are all excellent reasons to give CBD Capsules a try today. 

For more information on Advantages & Disadvantages of CBD Capsules click here.

 Synchronicity - A CBD Brand You Can Trust

Synchronicity is committed to manufacturing quality and safety standards as leaders in the hemp industry. Their Quality team works tirelessly to ensure that they are consistently exceeding criteria at every step of our process.

Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is licensed with both the FDA and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

They are compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices and proud to have received a GMP Certification from third-party auditing agencies NSF and SGS, the world leaders for inspection, verification, testing, and certifications. One more way to guarantee that our products are as effective and safe as always.

They are proud to be ISO 9001-2015 certified. The ISO certification is the gold standard for quality management. Synchronicity is the only non-pharmaceutical Hemp Oil company to receive this prestigious global designation – making them unique among Hemp Oil producers.

From farm and lab standards to business and customer service best practices, Synchronicity has met the rigorous criteria for ISO 9001-2015. This certification audit was performed by one of the world’s superior inspection, verification, testing, and certification companies. Only the world’s highest quality companies meet their standards.

The team at Synchronicity will continue to go above and beyond the FDA requirements for our customers and seek the most 3rd party certifications – giving our customers the confidence they are choosing the highest quality Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil they can find anywhere.

Why We Only Offer CBD Products Certified By The U.S. Hemp Authority™

When it comes to knowing if you can trust the CBD products you're buying, it all begins with regulation.  At the current moment, the FDA has decided against regulating CBD, instead allowing for the free market to regulate itself.

This obvious mistake by the FDA has led directly to the formation of the U.S. Hemp Authority™

The U.S. Hemp Authority™ aims to bring more consumer confidence to the Hemp market through their certification program which promotes high standards and best practices for all things Hemp.  

We have deliberately chosen products only from this certification due to the strict rules they require all companies to follow.  You can read in more detail about their stringent certification process, who all can be certified, and why it really matters to every stakeholder in the industry in our blog post here.

Each brand that falls under the U.S. Hemp Authority™ umbrella of certified products inherently believes their products are the best. Our job here at Certified Hemp Hub is to not make a decision on which product/brand is the best for everyone, simply the one that best suites you.



Enjoy the benefits of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil in an easy to swallow capsule. Take one or more daily with water depending on your body’s needs. Some tap into the power of Hemp Oil to assist with muscle soreness and recovery, relaxation, and better sleep. Keep in mind that every body reacts differently and that Hemp Oil capsules can take longer to absorb than tinctures. We suggest waiting at least one hour after your first dose to gauge its impact on your individual body chemistry.


Capsule Ingredients: Organic proprietary blend (Fractionated Coconut Oil infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp (From Aerial Parts)), Gelatin Capsule

50MG Capsules Serving Size: 1 CBD Capsule per day
50MG Capsule Servings Per Container: 30

25MG Capsules Serving Size: 2 CBD Capsules per day
25MG Capsules Servings Per Container: 60


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